Updated, Opera Android Browser Can Save Sites on MicroSD Cards

Opera Android browser

Opera is updating its browser on the Android platform by enhancing the capabilities of pre-existing features, including Offline Pages, Data Saver, to Speed ​​Dial.

Opera Android browser

The Offline Pages feature now allows Opera Android users to store various favorite site pages on external memory or microSD cards , instead of just the phone’s internal memory. This seems to be useful for users who like to “capture” various internet sites without having to worry about eating up the internal memory of the cell phone.

Then, Opera also presents a new graphic icon that is displayed to the left of the URL address box when the Data Savings feature is active. When the icon is clicked, the user will be able to find out easily how much data they are saving as they browse a site, without having to go to the settings menu first.

As for the Speed Dial feature , users can now access the sites stored on the page directly via the URL address box, instead of having to access it from the main view ( home ). However, the user must enter keywords that match the site previously stored on the Speed Dial page for the feature to appear.

When we types in the word “evelyntech”, for example, the “Speed ​​Dial” icon will also follow keywords and the top search prediction will display evelyntech.com sites that have been previously saved.

In addition to polishing a number of pre-existing features, the latest version of Opera Android also presents a cryptocurrency feature called Crypto Wallet for users globally.

The digital wallet feature for storing virtual currencies was previously only available in the Scandinavian region and the United States, as summarized from PhoneArena. To get new features from Opera Android above, users can update the browser to version 57.1 or download it directly on the Google Play Store via the following link .

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