Use 6 Wheels, This is a NASA Mars Robot 2020

NASA robot Mars 2020

NASA is preparing a new robot called Mars 2020. The shape of this robot is reminiscent of the Curiosity robot that has slid to Mars with six cogs.

NASA robot Mars 2020

Reported by Techeblog, NASA Mars 2020 is one step closer to the readiness of space missions, complete with new robot arms and the ability to stand on six wheels. This robot is reportedly tested in the Simulator Building in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

Scientists have removed the first protective layer, anti-static paper to prevent contamination on Mars. Then, they wipe the last layer of foil with 70% isopropyl alcohol to prevent Earth’s material from polluting the surface of the Red Planet.

On October 8, the explorer Mars 2020 stood full weight using six legs and wheels for the first time.

Six cruiser wheels are made of aluminum and have ‘cleats’ to help give them grip on the ground.

“Mars 2020 explorers will collect samples to return to Earth in the future, so they must meet extraordinary hygiene steps to avoid the possibility of contaminating Mars samples with land contaminants,” said Paul Boeder, leader of contamination control for Mars 2020 explorers at JPL.

It ensures cleanliness at all times, not only during assembly and testing, but also during the transfer between buildings for this activity.

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