Veritas Introduces Data Service Platform for Companies

ravi rajendran Veritas Technologies

Veritas Technologies , a company engaged in the field of data management and protection , introduced Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform (EDSP) in the Customer Executive Summit in Bali, Tuesday (12/11/2019).

Ravi Rajendran as Vice President and Managing Director of Asia South Region Veritas Technologies said, this integrated service is in response to the needs of user companies to support the sustainability of their business.

ravi rajendran Veritas Technologies

“Now, the challenge of data protection is not only in the company’s data center , but how to manage data in the cloud, which we are talking about multiclouds. This creates a difference in complexity,” Ravi said in his presentation at Mulia Resort Bali, Tuesday.

Ravi also refers to the International Data Corporation (IDC) which states that the amount of data is predicted to grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025. “What I want to share with you all is how to read, how to optimize, simplify this complex environment,” he continued.

Another challenge, said Ravi, is the situation is getting more complicated when companies face the risk of cyber crime, such as ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts files and folders , so victims cannot access their important data.

As the name implies, the ransomware can be used as a tool to blackmail victims and ask for ransom money – usually in the form of crytocurency – in return in the form of a “key” description to return the “hostage” data.

“This is a real problem and is affecting the company. Here we want to help you take precautions and how to recover. This is an area of ​​great concern to many of our customers today,” he said. According to Ravi, there are three things that become the main Veritas data services for companies that use this service.

“Basically, customers want three things. First, they want the availability of data anywhere, every time, not only in the data center, for example, but also in the cloud ,” he said.

Secondly, this service also focuses on supporting aspects of data protection , both in the data center and in the cloud of companies that use the service.

Third, he said, Veritas seeks to support service user companies to gain insights about the data they have. This insight includes the need for companies to comply with data regulations that continue to develop in a country. “Therefore, we introduce Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform.

These are not just protections, but also support the availability and insight of data. So these are the three main points that we convey in this activity,” he said.

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