Virus outbreaks and 15 Bill Gates predictions come true

bill gates prediction

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the name Bill Gates is widely discussed. The founder of Microsoft is accused of being the culprit of the spread of the new corona virus that has spread throughout the world. The accusation stems from Bill Gates’ predictions in 2015, five years before the corona virus is endemic.

bill gates prediction

At that time, he said there would be a virus that would become a pandemic and trouble the world’s population. The virus, called Bill Gates, is more dangerous than guided missiles and can kill tens of millions of people. Five years later, that prediction really came true.

In addition to predictions about virus outbreaks, Gates apparently issued a number of predictions, some of which became reality. The prediction is contained in a book titled “Business @ the Speed ​​of Thought” written by Bill Gates and circulated in 1999. Inside it there are 15 Gates predictions about future technological developments.

At that time, Gates’ discourse contained in the book sounded impossible. Now, a number of Bill Gates predictions have really come true. The following 15 Gates forecasts are referred to.

1. The price of goods can be compared via the internet site

Gates has predicted the presence of online sales sites, such as Amazon, which allows users to know the price of certain items. Sites like NexTag and PriceGrabber are even deliberately created to compare the prices of goods. Exactly what Gates revealed.

2. The presence of gadgets

Gates said in his book that one day humans will carry small devices wherever they go. The device functions to connect fellow humans, access news, view flight information, and do business.

Now, just as Gates estimated, almost all modern society cannot be separated from smart devices. Whether it’s a smart phone, tablet or the latest is a smart watch.

3. Fast payment via the internet

“People will pay bills and manage finances via the internet,” it is stated in the excerpt from a book written by Gates. Gates’ words are proven through payment services such as PayPal and others.

4. Personal Assistant and Internet of Things (IoT)

Gates ensured that personal assistants who were drafted with technological capabilities would develop and accompany human life. At present, voice-based digital assistants , such as Google Assistant and Apple Siri, have implemented Gates predictions.

5. Monitor home connected to the internet

Mr. Microsoft said that monitoring devices and video recorders at home would be commonplace. Users will know anyone who comes to his house when he is not in place. At present, monitoring equipment is indeed reasonable in various locations.

6. Social media

“Private sites for friends and family will scatter. It allows users to chat and share moments,” Gates said. Today, look at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, which almost dominates modern human life.

7. Automatic promotional offers

Gates already knew that today, there would be sites like Expedia and Kayak. Both offer promotions that are deemed suitable for the user, based on a track record of online bookings from previous users.

8. Live sports match discussion site

The presence of social media as a site that collects direct chat directly, has become a prediction of Gates in 1999. During an exciting sports match, Twitter citizens will share information and respond to various accessed information.

9. Smart advertising

“The device will know the user’s habits. From there, ads will appear in accordance with user preferences, ” said Gates. At present, almost all online advertisements have such features.

10. Link to site during television broadcast

Gates already knew about the behavior of spectators in a soccer match. At present, almost all sports match broadcasts have social commentators or football teams playing. This is so that the audience can find out more information related to the idol team.

11. Online discussion room

Now, all news sites on the internet have a comment section that allows readers to respond to news. From there, readers and news writers can discuss and exchange opinions. This is a picture that has been constructed in Gates’s mind since 1999.

12. Hobby-based online sites

“Online communities will not be formed based on location, but interest,” Gates said. We can see, in fact most sites and online communities focus on one topic. They target certain types of markets with hobbies.

13. Application for project management

Gates estimates that applications that accommodate a team’s work system will be realized in the era of qualified technology. Today, through Google Drive and Office 365, teamwork can be easier with an effective system.

14. Recruitment via the internet

The appearance of LinkedIn has been predicted by Gates. Recruiters are only looking for expected employee criteria through LinkedIn, and there will be two interested parties. Namely job seekers and employers.

15. Business community applications

Business cooperation between companies can be discussed in a modern and unconventional way. Through various corporate applications, entrepreneurs can chat with each other and finally be able to forge partnerships for large projects. This, in 1999 was stated in “the book” Gates’ prophecy.

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