Vivo Announces Apex 2020, “Gimbal” and Invisible Camera Phone

Vivo Apex 2020

At the end of February, Vivo finally introduced its newest concept phone, Apex 2020, in an event in Beijing, China, Friday (2/28/2020). Apex 2020 exhibits a series of recent innovations from Vivo, for example the 16 MP selfie camera which is invisible because it is hidden behind a screen measuring 6.45 inches (2,330 x 1,080) pixels.

Vivo Apex 2020

The screen adheres to the “FullView Edgeless Display” design that seems to be without a frame ( bezel ) because the right and left sides are curved at an angle of 120 degrees. Physical buttons that are usually located on the periphery of the device are removed, changing virtual pressure-sensing buttons displayed on the side of the screen.

Sound is channeled not through conventional speakers, but through vibrations from behind the scenes with third generation Screen Soundcasting technology. Another interesting thing is the main camera in the Vivo Apex 2020.

There are two cameras consisting of a 48 megapixel main camera with shake damping technology with a dreadlocks similar structure, so that its performance is claimed to be 200 percent better than traditional optical image stabilization ( OIS) shock systems.

The second camera is a 16 MP telephoto camera with a lens that is able to provide a 5x to 7.5x optical zoom level ( continuous optical zoom ) without digital zoom. Apex 2020 hardware components are also high-end, with a Snapdragon 865 chip and an integrated 5G Snapdragon X55 modem, 12GB RAM, and 256GB storage media.

Because it has no ports or connectors, Apex 2020 can only be charged wirelessly. The power from charging this Super FlashCharge Wireless is fairly high, amounting to 60 watts, so that it can charge 2,000 mAh capacity in just 20 minutes.

Like other previous Apex phones, Apex 2020 itself is a concept phone to showcase the latest technology that can be embedded by Vivo into a cellphone. Apex 2020 will not be sold to the market, but some of the series of innovations that it may bring will really be present on Vivo phones that are released at a later time.

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