Way To Find Out Who Has Blocked Your Instagram Account

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Instagram is one of the most widely used social media today. This social media focuses users to share and view photos and videos. Instagram always presents features that are of use to provide comfort for its users. Being one of the most widely used social media applications, Instagram also provides features to maintain privacy for its users.

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Because more and more Instagram users, Instagram users often become very concerned about the privacy of their accounts. Not a few users prefer to secure an Instagram account by locking the account or private options.

This is useful for when there are people who have not been friends with you on Instagram, then that person cannot see all the postings either photos, videos or Instastory unless that person has followed and successfully accepted or approved to follow them.

In addition to the privacy option feature, there are also other options namely the blocking feature. This feature you can use to block accounts or people who you don’t want to see on Instagram. Well, on Instagram there is no limit on how many accounts can be blocked. So, you are free to block anyone’s account and whatever number of users you want to block.

If you are in a position as someone who has been blocked by other users on Instagram, then surely you want to know or confirm it right? By finding out who has blocked you on Instagram, at least you can clarify the causes and reasons made by people who have blocked your Instagram.

Well, this time we reviewing how to find out who has blocked your Instagram account as summarized from various sources.

Features of Instagram Account Blocked by Other Users

This Person’s Account Was Not Found

One sign that your account is blocked is that no account of the person you want to find is found. Yes, these characteristics can indicate that your account has been blocked from another user.

Usually, if you want to find friends simply by typing the name or name of the user account in the search field, the profile will appear immediately. But if you have done that, but the account also cannot be found, it means that you have been blocked.

Profile that Blocked You Invisible

To be more sure, try to open the account or profile that you want to search. If the person has blocked you, you will not be able to see photos posted previously. In addition, you also can not see the follower and following the account, even to follow it you can not do.

Cannot Send Message in Direct Message

Another way to ensure your account is blocked is by sending direct messages. If you can’t send messages to direct messages to the account of the person you want to go to, you can be sure your account has been blocked.

Can’t Comment

Another way to be sure is that you cannot comment on the person’s photo or video posts. However, this method cannot be very sure, because Instagram has a feature where other users cannot comment or the comments column has been turned off in their posts.

How to find out who blocked your Instagram account

The characteristics above are not really able to ensure that your Instagram account is blocked or not. The problem is there is another possibility, namely the person’s account is indeed closing the account temporarily, permanently, or even indeed your account has been blocked.

There is no legal way to find out if that person has blocked your account. However, there are several ways and third-party applications that you can use to ensure this problem.

First, you can try to create a new Instagram account, then just use the ‘Search’ column by entering your username or full name in the ‘Search Bar’. If this method successfully shows the person’s account profile, then surely your account has been blocked by that person.

Second, you can use the InstaFollow application which can help manage your Instagram account and track your followers. In this application, you can find out who has stopped following you.

Meanwhile, StatusBrew allows you to manage easily on many social media accounts. To know who has turned you on Instagram, you need to follow these steps.

– Login using your Instagram account.

– Click on your Instagram account.

– Your account will be synced to StatusBrew when logged in.

– When the Instagram account is loaded, click on the ‘New Unfollowers’ tab. Well, this list will display all of your unfollowers.

– People who block you on Instagram will refuse, so then have to go to your Instagram application and search for the names of people who have blocked you from the list.

– If you can’t find their profile, it clearly means they have blocked you.

Now that’s a way to find out who has blocked your Instagram account. Easy right?

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