WhatsApp Android New Version Makes Wasteful Battery

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Some Android users complained of a cellphone battery which suddenly wasteful. They accused WhatsApp as the culprit. Some users have complained about it on the Reddit online forum. They claimed his cellphone battery was wasteful after updating WhatsApp to the latest version.

Illustration of WhatsApp

However, the Android smartphone models complained of are only certain models, such as OnePlus, Google Pixel 3, Pixel 4, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S10e. One OnePlus user claimed, his cellphone battery became wasteful after updating the WhatsApp version to get fingerprint security features.

This feature was just released a few weeks ago. He then checked how long it took to use WhatsApp on his cellphone. In the battery status, it is written that he has been using WhatsApp for 1.5 hours. Even though he felt he just opened the instant messaging service application for one minute.

Not only flagship smartphone. One Redmi Note 5 Pro user also complained about the same thing. The battery power of his cellphone dropped dramatically from 74 percent to 19 percent because the WhatsApp application is open in the background.

Many say WhatsApp makes their battery power drained by more than 30 percent, even though it only sends one to two WhatsApp messages. Some users share the solution. Some say, WhatsApp returned to normal after uninstalling and installing the application again.

There is also an appeal for other users to install WhatsApp version 2.19.325 to fix the problem of wasteful batteries. However, other users chimed in the way is not too optimal because the battery will gradually wasteful again. Some other users even choose to upgrade to an older version of WhatsApp.

They backed up all data first, then uninstalled the latest version of the WhatsApp application to be replaced by WhatsApp version 2.19.291 which was downloaded via the APK file, as summarized from PhoneArena. Until this news was written, there has been no official statement from WhatsApp.

So, how to check whether WhatsApp that we use also drains the battery? Users can go directly to the settings menu , then select the “battery usage” menu. There will appear what applications were recently opened and what percentage of power consumption. If you feel you don’t open WhatsApp too often but the percentage of power is sucked up quite a lot, and the active hours of use that are listed long enough, it could be that your cellphone is one of the “victims”.

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