Why Can People Without Symptoms Transmit Covid-19?

coronavirus transformation

The number of positive patients Covid-19 is increasing rapidly. This is proof that this new type of corona virus spreads easily and quickly. For now, isolating patients who have been showing active symptoms is seen as an effective way to break the spread of new types of corona viruses.

coronavirus transformation

However, some people who are infected only show mild symptoms and do not even show any symptoms. Therefore, many people have unknowingly been infected and spread the virus to other people.

Launch of Cleveland, about 80 percent of people infected with Covid-19 only show mild symptoms. This is what makes the spread of this virus even more uncontrollable. “Symptoms that are shown are sometimes not specific and are similar to other diseases, such as colds or colds.

This is what makes many people unaware if they carry the virus,” added lung expert Joseph Khabbaza. Research examining the initial spread of the corona virus in China also proved that people who are infected with the virus and only show mild symptoms are one of the factors causing the outbreak of Covid-19.

The research was carried out using a mathematical model to simulate the initial spread of Covid-19 in hundreds of cities in China. From this research, researchers concluded that 86 percent of patients infected before January 23, 2020, right when Wuhan was isolated, were not detected.

According to researchers, the number of cases that are not detected makes patients without these symptoms make the case for infection even greater.

“Patients who are positively infected but not detected accounted for 79 percent of the spread of a new type of corona virus,” Khabbaza said. Research from Japan also proves the same thing. The research focuses on the start of the ship and passenger cruise Diamond Princess that was quarantined in Japan in early February 2020.

The quarantine was carried out because it was found by a former passenger who tested positive for the corona virus. In the research, researchers found that 634 of 3,063 tests given to quarantined passengers were positively identified. It is estimated that around 17.9 percent of positive patients have no symptoms.

The importance of being at home Khabbaza said the research proved that following instructions from the government and medical staff to carry out physical distancing and quarantine was an important way to cut the spread of the virus.

It is very difficult to know how many people actually carry this virus because there are many people who are infected but have no symptoms. This fact shows that taking preventative measures is an important step in deciding the spread of the virus.

This new type of corona virus can infect people through droplets or splashes of liquid released when coughing, sneezing, or talking. Therefore, we are advised to do physical distancing by keeping a distance from other people, at least one meter. In addition, maintaining cleanliness is also an important key to prevent infection.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the best way to prevent the spread of the corona virus is to wash your hands as often as possible, both with alcohol-based antiseptics or soap and running water. If you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, you should seek medical attention by calling first.

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