Windows 7 Age Staying A Day

Windows 7

Windows 7 age lives a day. Microsoft will stop supporting its operating system starting from Tuesday (01/14/2020). Announcement of the termination of support for Windows 7 has been made by Microsoft on its official website since March 2019. Users who install Windows 7 on their PC / laptop, can still use this OS.

Windows 7

However, Microsoft support such as update / update for new features or patches (patches) security holes will not be released again. This is done by Microsoft so that users can immediately switch to the Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft does provide additional support, but to get that support, users will be charged extra fees. Support is also not intended for users of Windows 7 in general, but only for business users and large businesses.

For support for Windows Enterprise customers who use Windows 7 is 25 US dollars for the period January 2020 to January 2021. The price will continue to increase each year. This yearly price increase is made so that users switch to newer Windows OS, at a cheaper price.

According to NetMarketShare report, Monday (1/12/2020), the number of Windows 7 users actually decreased by 1.4 percent in August 2019. Overall market share is still around 30 percent. While Windows 10 has the largest market share in the same period, which is 50.99 percent.

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