Windows 7 is stopped, This is how to “Upgrade” Windows 10 for Free

Windows OS 10

Today, Tuesday (01/14/2020), Microsoft officially stopped operating system support (OS) for Windows 7. The operating system released since 2009 can actually still be used. However, the startup Bill Gates was no longer providing updates, such as security updates, OS improvements, and so on.

Windows OS 10

Well, for those of you who still have a computer or laptop with such OS but want to keep getting updates, you can upgrade your Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 for free.

How to update older Windows to Windows 10 was fairly easy. Users only need a stable internet connection and most importantly Genuine license code from the previous Windows OS. If you have confirmed these two things, visit the following link and click the “Download Tool now” button to download the software to upgrade the Windows OS.

step upgrade windows 10

After the download is complete, open the application and click the “Accept” button to agree to use the OS, then click the ” Upgrade this PC now” option , and click the “Next” button. In the next screen, select “Keep personal files and apps” to make sure the files stored on the computer are not lost during the upgrade process.

Then, click “Install”. Furthermore, this application will download various files needed for the sake of upgrading . The duration of this process depends on the internet speed of each user.

Now, when the download process is complete, the software will then install Windows 10 on your computer automatically. In this process, your computer will restart several times, so don’t worry. When the process of downloading and installing the OS is complete, the user will be offered the appearance of Windows 10.

The final step, you need to activate your Windows 10 so it is not considered illegal by Microsoft. To activate it, users can go to the “Settings” menu> “Windows Update”> “Activation” which can be found in the “Start” menu. In the “Activation” view, enter the Windows OS license code used previously.

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