Work from Home, Here’s How Video Call Using WhatsApp

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As a form of preventing the spread of the Corona virus, the government urges people to carry out activities from home, such as work, study and worship. Appeal to work from home began to be implemented in some offices and companies.

WhatsApp illustration

So, how can work activities be done from home? The WhatsApp Video Call application can be an alternative for conducting virtual meetings in small numbers. The Group Video Call feature on WhatsApp has been rolled out since last 2018.

But until now, the number of video call participants that can be accommodated by WhatsApp has only been four. So, how do you make a group video call with WhatsApp?

How, when you have a video call with one of the people, tap the contact icon marked + in the top right corner, then select the contact you want to join the chat. When there are two or three people in one chat, the recipient of the video call can then see the profile photo and the number or name of all participants who have joined.

So it can help the video call recipient to determine whether to join or not. A similar method can also be used for the “Group Voice Calling” feature which is also released in the same update version. Both the “Group Video Calling” feature and “Group Voice Calling” were announced directly by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the annual “F8” developer agenda last May 2018.

“Group Video Calling will be a new way for people to connect privately with close friends, groups and businesses,” Zuckerberg said.

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