Xiaomi Charger Can Charge 4,000 mAh Battery in 17 Minutes

Redmi phones

Xiaomi finally showed off the latest technology for charger devices at the Xiaomi Developers Conference event held last week. The technology is called Super Charge Turbo in the form of a super fast mobile power charging which was previously introduced in March 2019. Xiaomi claims the technology can charge mobile phones far faster than ever.

Redmi phones

The charger has the ability to charge a cellphone battery of 100W. At the conference, Xiaomi demonstrated the ability of the super-fast squeezing technology to charge 4,000 mAh cellphone batteries. Xiaomi claims, Super Charge Turbo is able to charge a 4,000 mAh mobile battery to full in just 17 minutes.

In the demo, Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 7 and Redmi K20 became the test material and it was mentioned that the three were fully charged in less than 20 minutes. Xiaomi said, the 100W technology on the charger is equipped with a high-voltage charge supplier that is equipped with nine protective layers, seven to protect the motherboard and two others to protect the battery itself.

Quoted from Trusted Reviews, Sunday (11/24/2019), fast-charging technology is now often used as a “weapon” by smartphone vendors to sell their mobile phones to the market. However, Xiaomi has not revealed what smartphone will be equipped with this 100W super charger technology.

The first possibility is that the Xiaomi flagship smartphone will be released next year. At present, Xiaomi itself is competing with other Chinese vendors, such as Oppo and OnePlus, which also often put forward the existence of the fast charging feature on mobile phones as one of the selling points.

Like last October, Oppo claims that the Reno Ace series phones can fully charge the battery in just half an hour. This capability is obtained from SuperVOOC charging technology which makes charging time more efficient

Later, the presence of Xiaomi’s 100W fast charge technology will be a “challenge” for all smartphone vendors to deliver faster charging capabilities. In addition it will be a new consideration for consumers when buying a smartphone.

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