Xiaomi Patents Smart Mask Design

masker XIaomi Youpin F95

The technology company from China, Xiaomi, patented design of an intelligent mask or Smart Mask. The filing of this patent was granted United States Patent Office (USPTO) on 18 February. Based on a patent filed, intelligent mask of this Xiaomi will be used to measure the quality of the air that is inhaled by the user.

masker XIaomi Youpin F95

Patent documents also say, this mask will be equipped with electronic components such as the processor and battery. The component will also be accompanied by a number of sensors, such as the accelerometer and gyroscope , which have a variety of functions, one of which is to monitor user movements.

In addition to movement, a number of sensors and components embedded in the mask will collect user data. Such as the duration of the use of masks, the amount of pollution that is absorbed in the surface of the mask, breathing intensity, etc.

Summarized from SCMP, Saturday (02/22/2020), although not mentioned in the patent document, this smart mask might also be equipped with features that can detect health problems based on the breathing activity of its users.

Well, a variety of data recorded and collected by this mask will be stored on the internal memory that is embedded in the mask. Then these data can also be accessed via the application of smartphones in wireless , either through infrared, Bluetooth, or NFC.

Nevertheless, this smart new limited mask patents alone. It is uncertain whether Xiaomi will actually develop an intelligent mask or not. However, this device is quite interesting to see. Moreover, the current air condition in the world is getting increasingly alarming.

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