Xiaomi Releases Browser Update After Accused of Recording User Activity

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Smartphone vendor from China, Xiaomi, released the latest update for the browser application that is installed on his cellphone. The update was released after Xiaomi was accused of recording user activity secretly through the default browser.

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In a publication on its official blog, Xiaomi said that there are a number of new functions brought through the update. Through this update, Xiaomi provides the option to turn off data collection in the browser Mi Browser, Mi Browser Pro, and Mint Browser when in incognito mode .

“We believe this is our way of maintaining secure data in an unidentifiable form and as a company commitment to the privacy of our users,” Xiaomi said. Compiled from CNet , Thursday (05/07/2020), the update was poured through the Google Play Store app store.

Previously, on Monday (5/5/2020), a security researcher named Gabi Cirlig accused that the cellphone manufactured by the Chinese company was secretly recording the activity of its users. Cirlig told Forbes that he detected something unusual on his Redmi Note 8 smartphone.

When traced, the cellphone turned out to record many activities and send data to Alibaba’s remote server, possibly leased by Xiaomi. The recording of activities is carried out through Xiaomi’s default browser which collects data on any site visited, search engine search results with Google and DuckDuckGo, and newsfeed on the browser’s main page.

In fact, Cirlig claimed that the browser was still record user activity even in incognito mode ( incognito ) is activated. In fact, the essence of the mode is to browse the internet privately or anonymously.

Another security researcher, Andrew Tierney, confirmed Cirlig’s findings. He revealed that the browser Mi Browser Pro and artificial Browser Mint Xiaomi collect the same data.

Outside of Redmi Note 8, Cirlig also downloaded firmware for several other Xiaomi phones like Mi 10, Redmi K20, and Mi Mix 3 which turned out to have a similar browser code. Cirlig also suspects that these devices also record the user’s activity.

Responding to this, Xiaomi said that Cirlig’s accusations were incorrect and claimed that the company had fully complied with applicable laws and regulations regarding the privacy of user data .

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