YouTube Home Page on Desktops and Tablets Changed

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Google overhauled the appearance of the YouTube site’s main page on the desktop, and the display of the YouTube home application on Android and iPad tablet devices. In this new look, YouTube visitors will be presented with a thumbnail of content that is less than the previous display.

YouTube desktop display

In its official blog, Google said that the new face actually makes a variety of videos that appear on the home page comes with a longer title, the following video footage with a higher resolution. Users can also now see the channel icon that created the content, just to the left of the video title.

In addition to reducing the number of videos that display on the home page, Google also brings a number of YouTube mobile application features to the desktop version of YouTube and tablet versions. There are two features brought by Google, the “Add to queue” feature and the “Don’t recommend channel” feature.

With the “Add to queue” feature, users can mark the selected video to watch later, without having to go to the video in question. While the “Don’t recommend channel” feature allows users to block all content from the selected channel so it does not appear on the user’s home display.

Display that seems only “enlarged” will be poured out by Google in stages on YouTube desktop and tablet versions of Android and iPad starting today, as summarized from TheVerge.

In the future, Google also plans to bring other mobile versions of YouTube into the desktop and tablet versions of YouTube. Some of these include personalization features to decorate YouTube’s home display with videos that users are interested in, along with the “Up Next Videos” feature to play content related to videos that users are watching automatically.

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