YouTube Provides a Special Site to Help Children Learn from Home

Learn @ Home service

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 broke out, governments in various countries have urged their citizens to work and study from home to reduce the risk of transmission. To make it easier for children to learn from home, YouYube launches a new site called Learn @ Home.

Learn @ Home service

It contains a variety of content related to school lessons, as well as family-friendly content. On the website, there are links to various YouTube channels that are divided into several categories according to the age range of the intended audience, ranging from preschool to teenagers over the age of 13.

“From Khan Academy, Sesame Street to, Learn @ Home presents content from themes such as mathematics, natural sciences, history, and art from popular channels,” said VP of Content Partnerships, Learning, Social Impact, Family, Film and TV YouTube Malik Ducard.

Learn @ Home also presents the #StudyWithMe page, where children upload video recordings while learning to motivate each other. There is also a link to the Learning Destination channel which contains content supporting learning activities, as well as various tips and tutorials.

For young audiences, YouTube Kids is child-friendly and provides a safe environment that can be controlled by parents. As compiled from the YouTube Blog, Wednesday (3/25/2020), the Learn @ Home page can be accessed by visiting the following link.

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